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Avalonian NPCs

Bridget Coghill (Apothecary)

Bridget has a slightly brusque manner, but is a good woman.

An intelligent businesswoman with acute senses, particularly of smell and taste. Her customers include the local merchants and the local lord. The poor can't afford her services.

She has the Keen Senses advantage (one extra unkept die for any Skill checks that involve any of the senses, as well as any checks for Surprise)

Manfred Rames (Brewer)

Rames lives in a nice house with his wife (Isabelle) and daughter (Juliette).

Business isn't great, and finances are getting tight, although he's managed to keep this from Isabelle and Juliette. He may be willing to go to extraordinary lengths to resolve his financial problems.

Dick Ashton (Watch Captain)

Ashton is a newly-promoted captain of the watch. The previous captain was greedy, and ran a protection racket, extorting money from the city's merchants. Ashton found out about the racket. An honest man, he was instrumental in stopping it and bringing the captain to justice. Many of the watch were involved in the racket, and don't look favourably on the loss of income, which they blame on Ashton.

Ashton didn't want or expect the promotion, but wasn't given an opportunity to refuse. Now that he's got the job, he's determined to do it well, although it won't be easy.

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