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Pre-game setup

Do these steps before meeting online.

Roll20: Introduction screen

Get intro card, place it face down.

Shuffle missing person posters and place one face up.

Make sure players ribbon is on Introduction.

Roll20: Character creation screen

Deal character cards, face up.

Deal drive cards, face down.

Add secret to character sheets.

Roll20: Starting hunches screen

Deal them out onto the correct spaces, face up.

Roll20: Clues cards screen

Shuffle each deck. Deal out a single card from each deck, face down.

Roll20: Gameplay screen

Shuffle the 10 deck. Deal out one card, face down.

Roll20: Debrief screen

Place the debrief card in position, face down.


Send character cards, ask players to choose their characters. As soon as they're chosen, send drive cards.

Once drive cards are sent, send your background and ask everyone to send in theirs.

Ask players to record voicemail messages and send them.


Also, encourage the players to have their voicemail tie into their secret, but leave a substantial amount. I tell players to take their time but to try and record about a two-minute message.


Click this link to create a Discord server with channels set up for playing Alice is Missing:

Invite the players to the Discord server, and ask them to change their server nickname to match their character name. Doing so helps make the game more immersive, and means that people don't have to remember which character other people are playing.

Ask about lines and veils. Create a message listing them in the #group_chat channel, then pin that message. Do the same in the #ooc_chatter channel.


SoundFX can be used to play them in Discord.

Upload the files before the game.

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