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Playing the game

Before starting the game

Roll20: Character creation screen

Have players take their character card and their drive card. Point out that if they click on a card in their hand it will be displayed large, and easy to read.

Roll20: Clue cards screen

Recall and shuffle all clue cards.

Roll20: Gameplay screen

Warn players not to read time cards in advance.

Clicking on a card in your hand will display it large, so that it is easy to read.

Show a sample time card. Explain how to draw a suspect or location card, and to put it in “locations/suspects drawn”. Get them to practice.

30/20 cards call for player to shuffle and draw one suspect/location. Have player with 30 card flip suspects, move them around to shuffle, flip one back face-up. Get player with 20 card to do same with locations.

Searching cards should be used sparingly - no more than one or two drawn during the game.

Start play

Give everyone the YouTube link:

Send first message:

Hey! Sorry for the big group text, but I just got into town for winter break at my dad's and I haven't been able to get ahold of Alice. Just wondering if any of you have spoken to her?
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