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Diana: Warrior Princess

Some gadgets for use in the Diana: Warrior Princess RPG.


The hoover is about 3' tall. The main body is roughly cylindrical, about 18“ in diameter. Several hoses protrude from the main body, some of which lead to cleaning attachments.

It is powered by a small steam engine. The steam produced by this means that it is necessary to keep at least one window open when the hoover is operating, to allow all the steam to escape.

When switched on, the hoover will move around a room, apparently randomly, making a “hoov” noise whenever the bellows operate, and sucking up dirt and dust.

The hoover was invented by James Dyson. Its success has made him a household name and a rich man.


Watches are pocket watches on a chain. They often have very ornate designs on the cover. When opened, they reveal a digital display. Some have alarms - these are slightly larger, as they need space for two small bells and a hammer at the top.

Electronic Diary

Looks like a large leather-bound book, and opens like a book. There is a pen connected via a thin wire extending from the spine. When opened, the left “page” contains some instructions, and a pen holder. The right “page” is the screen, and looks like the page of a diary - user can write onto the page with the pen, or use the top of the pen to rub out what is already written. There are a few buttons under the screen that allows the user to change the date displayed.

Wire-Guided Missiles

Wire-guided missiles come in a range of sizes, for different purposes. They can be used to destroy military vehicles such as tanks, or even be used to place a bug in a room. The operator first fires the wire from a special gun. The gun has a telescopic sight to facilitate accuracy, and fires a small projectile that attaches itself to the target. The projectile trails a thin wire. The operator then attaches the missile to the wire, pulls the wire taut, and fires the missile. The missile follows the line of the wire to the target, ensuring a hit.

The wire-guided missile was invented by James Dyson, though unlike his invention of the Hoover, this isn't widely known.

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