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Fremen Funeral Ceremony

Note: Ashfaq is the person being mourned.

As the tribe approach the location where the rite is to take place, they chant, “Ima trava okolo! I korenja okolo!”

The naib of the tribe says, “Ashfaq's weapon has been killed. Ashfaq has been called by Him, by Shai-hulud, who has ordained the phases for the moons that daily wane and – in the end – appear as bent and withered twigs. Thus it is with Ashfaq. The friends of Ashfaq will approach.”

The tribe's reverend mother and any sayyadina stand apart from the others. The naib stands with items at his feet. The tribe stand in a circle around the naib, then he gestures for them to sit.

Naib: “The spirit leaves the body's water when the first moon rises. Thus it is spoken. When we see the first moon rise this night, whom will it summon?”

Tribe: “Ashfaq”

The naib turns full circle, looking at everyone in turn.

Naib: “I was a friend of Ashfaq.” (He then recounts a time when Ashfaq helped him).

The naib takes Ashfaq's robe from the pile.

Naib: “I take this robe as a friend of Ashfaq. Leader's right.”

Tribe: “Leader's right”

The naib takes the handle of Ashfaq's crysknife.

Naib: “For the funeral plain”

Tribe: “For the funeral plain”

Naib: “We are friends of Ashfaq. We are not wailing for our dead like a pack of garvarg”

The tribe members take turns to speak of a time that Ashfaq helped them, and take an item from the pile.

The rite ends with a chant:

“Full moon calls thee”

“Shai-hulud shalt thou see”

“Red the night, dusky sky”

“Bloody death didst thou die”

“We pray to a moon: she is round”

“Luck with us will then abound”

“What we seek for shall be found”

“In the land of solid ground”

If the Fremen Was Killed in Single Combat

If the dead person was killed in single combat, then after the funeral is over, the water is handed to the victor. Here, the dead person is Ashfaq, and the victor is Sanika.

Water master: “Ashfaq carried thirty-four litres and six and two-thirty-seconds drachms of the tribe's water. I bless it now in the presence of a Sayyadina. Ekkeri-akairi, this is the water, fillissin-follasy of Sanika! Kivi a-kavi, never the more, nakalas! Nakelas! to be measured and counted, ukair-an! by the heartbeats jan-jan-jan of our friend… Ashfaq.”

Water master: “Where I am flame, be thou the coals. Where I am dew, be thou the water.”

Tribe: “Bi-lal kaifa”

Water master: “To Sanika goes this portion. May she guard it for the tribe, preserving it against careless loss. May she be generous with it in time of need. May she pass it on in her time for the good of the tribe.”

Tribe: “Bi-lal kaifa”

Water master and Sanika kneel, holding the water bag

Water master: “With this water the tribe entrusts thee. Ashfaq is gone from it. Take it in peace.”

Water master and Sanika stand

Water master hands over water rings, counting them out

Water master: “Do you accept the water rings?

Sanika accepts the rings, and the ceremony is over.

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