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Naibs & Reverend Mothers

Common names are given below. Sietch names are only known to other members of the particular sietch.

Coanua Sietch

  • Naib: Mas'ud
  • Reverend Mother: Yaminah

Maysarah Sietch

  • Naib: Rajifiri
  • Reverend Mother: Mahum

Red Wall Sietch

  • Naib: Ubaid
  • Reverend Mother: Hana'

Sietch Bissal

  • Naib: Mash'Al
  • Reverend Mother: Zahra

Sietch Gara Kulon

Sietch Makab

Sietch Tabr

  • Naib: Stilgar
  • Reverend Mother: Ramallo

Sietch Umbu

  • Naib: Alim
  • Reverend Mother: Thurayya

Suhula Sietch

  • Naib: Farrukh
  • Reverend Mother: Johara

Windgap Sietch

  • Naib: Utbah
  • Reverend Mother: Duha
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