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Fremen Wedding Ceremony

When the true motive is love, there are no other explanations. Searching for them is like chasing grains of sand in the wind

The sietch gathers in a large communal area, with the Naib and Reverend Mother stood at one end

The bride and groom enter from opposite entrances and walk through the crowd to the Naib & Reverend Mother.

The groom turns to the bride and holds out his water rings to her.

Naib: <Bride>, do you consent to marry <Groom>?

Bride: Qabul

Naib: <Groom>, do you consent to marry <Bride>?

Groom: Qabul

The bride takes the water rings from the groom

Naib: <Bride>, do you pledge, in honesty and sincerity, to be a faithful wife?

Bride: I do

Naib: <Groom>, do you pledge, in honesty and sincerity, to be a faithful husband?

Groom: I do

Naib: Do you both consent to this marriage?

Bride & Groom: Qabul

Everyone: Jayyid jiddan

Naib: Unity strengthens a tribe. <Bride> and <Groom> are now united as one, and we welcome them as husband and wife to our sietch. May Shai-Hulud smile upon them.

The bride & groom kiss as the Reverend Mother drinks from a skin containing the water of life, transforming the liquid. The skin is passed around and a tau orgy begins.

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