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Fremen Phrases

Some phrases used by Fremen. For more general terminology, see Terminology.


Subakh ul kuhar: 'Are you well?' a Fremen greeting.

Subakh un nar: 'I am well. And you?' traditional reply.


Sand and sky

Ya lahwy

Ya Kharaashy

Ya dahwety

Ya kebdy saleyk

Ya khabar abyad: Literally translating to “Oh white news”, this exclamation is used to express surprise upon hearing unexpected news. However, the surprised recipient is also optimistic – or potentially just superstitious – and therefore adds the “white” descriptor to express hope that the news will translate into a positive outcome of some kind.

Ya nhar eswed: “Oh black day”

Ya msebty: Oh the catastrophe!

Ya maraary: Used to express frustration

Wlih: Used to express happy surprise

Ya hasrety: Literally translates to “Oh my heartbreak”

Great mother!

Hal yawm: “Now! At Last!”

La, la, la: Fremen cry of grief. (La translates as ultimate denial, a 'no' from which you cannot appeal.)

Kull wahad!: Literally, “I am profoundly stirred!”



worm-headed lice!


you wormfaced, crawling, sand-brained piece of lizard turd!

You spawn of a lizard!

Muzein Wallah!: Mu zein literally means 'nothing good,' and wallah is a reflexive terminal exclamation. In this traditional opening for a Fremen curse against an enemy, Wallah turns the emphasis back upon the words Mu zein, producing the meaning: 'Nothing good, never good, good for nothing.'

Worm Riding

Hookman: Fremen with maker hooks prepared to catch a sandworm.

Haiiiii-yoh!: command to action

Ach: left turn

Derch: right turn

Geyrat: straight ahead

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