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A collection of useful resources for anyone wishing to run an RPG set in the Dune universe, most of which are based on two campaigns that I have run, using GURPS 3rd edition and set on Arrakis. Most of the site is system-neutral.


Dune Sourcebook

A guide to the Dune universe, particularly the planet of Arrakis (also known as Dune), during the time of the Harkonnen occupation of Arrakis. It's intended to be used by anyone running a role-playing game set in the Dune universe. Much of the information presented here is taken from the series of books by Frank Herbert, but some of it has been created by the author.

Dune Sourcebook (online)

Dune Sourcebook (PDF)

Guide to the Imperium

An in-character booklet sold by the small library in Arrakeen, “Being a guide to the people, institutions and planets of the Imperium.



Named NPCs

A small selection of named NPCs for use in a Dune campaign. Character sheets are for GURPS 3rd edition. The following are included:

  • Dmitri Kudu (senior Harkonnen officer)
  • Kudu's guards
  • Rashad (naib of Sietch Bissal)
  • Qâ'im Umayyid (Arrakeen merchant)
  • Herk Chulo (off-world trader)
  • Count Hasimir Fenring (Imperial Spice Minister)
  • Lady Margot Fenring (Bene Gesserit of hidden rank)


Generic NPCs

A selection of generic NPCs for use in a Dune campaign. Character sheets are for GURPS 3rd edition. The following are included:

  • Desert Fremen
  • Desert Fremen: Naib
  • Generic City Fremen
  • City Fremen: Beggar
  • City Fremen: Merchant
  • City Fremen: Pick-Pocket
  • Smuggler
  • Harkonnen soldier
  • Harkonnen soldier (Veteran/NCO)
  • Sardaukar Soldier
  • Sardaukar Soldier (Veteran/NCO)
  • Bene Gesserit Acolyte
  • Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother



Rules and notes for a GURPS 3rd Edition campaign set in the Dune universe. Written by Sean Ware, who kindly gave permission for various formats to be hosted here.


Orthodox Herbertarian: the Dune font
The Dune Wiki is a useful source of information
Arabic - English dictionary

Dune RPGs

TWURPS Dune for use with TWURPS, a generic RPG system. Lots of useful material, including scenarios and maps
D20 Dune - Yahoo Group
A Dream of Rain - D20 system
Dune RPG based on Lo5R
Dune RPG in French

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