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Previously ...

Season One: May Your Knife Chip And Shatter

In years to come, they'll say that this is where it began. That this is where the grandfather worms would always come for the noble rider, where the sayyadina were so beautiful that men from a thousand worlds would die for them, where Selim himself returned among us.
  • Dmitri Kudu (the Harkonnen second-in-command on Arrakis) was captured and later killed by Sietch Bissal
  • Sietch Bissal was attacked by a group primarily consisting of women. They appeared to be looking for something or someone
  • Sietch Bissal moved to a new home on the southern tip of Sihaya Ridge. The new location is still called Sietch Bissal
  • Matthis, the pyon that had ridden a worm, was revealed to be a ghola of Selim, the first wormrider. Many fremen are suspicious of gholas, but Mash'Al, the naib of Sietch Bissal, has promised to kill him if he is actually a ghul (as some suspect)
  • Sietch Bissal has started recruiting pyons to train in the ways of the desert. These pyons are known as almuta. Many die, but those few that survive are accepted into the tribe. The survivors are known as “ha'muj

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Season Two: Fresh Tracks

We've stolen spacecraft from beneath Harkonnen noses, we've kidnapped and killed a Bene Gesserit Sayyadina and we've stormed and destroyed a Guild Heighliner. Why ever not top it all off with turning a stolen shuttle into an improvised sled to ride out of the pole?
  • A House Ecaz swordmaster, Tessia Malen, was on Dune. Shamal has been ordered to “cultivate” her
  • Maysarah Sietch discovered that the Guild and Bene Gesserit were working together to take a great worm off Dune, and start the spice cycle on another planet
  • The characters boarded a heighliner to rescue Pardot Kynes. They almost killed Count Fenring, but rescued him instead
  • The heighliner exploded in a lasgun-shield explosion
  • One of the male characters - Kaleem (common name Saqib) - is being (carefully) given sayyadina training. This isn't common knowledge, but rumours are starting to spread to other sietches

There were rumours that the Harkonnen were responsible for the explosion of the heighliner. Questioning by the Emperor's truthsayer revealed that there was no basis to these rumours. The other Great Houses, and some minor houses, were also questioned, but none of them knew anything about it.

The naibs and reverend mothers know that the heighliner was destroyed by a party from Maysarah Sietch while rescuing Pardot Kynes. Ordinary Fremen do not know this, though rumours are starting to circulate.

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