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Sietch name: Zaetar (Thyme)
Common name: Barika (Blessing/pond)

Character concept: Utterly practical. Heavy on the mundane. Good at improvising. If anyone's going to survive the desert without a Fremkit, you'd bet your water on her.

She's in her mid-late 20s.

Tag line: “My thumper got jammed, so I thew stones at it until the worm came.”

Dumb fact: Has a scar on her left hand where she was stung by a scorpion
WWPHITM: Charlize Theron

Body: 12
Brain: 10
Nerve: 13
Health: 10

Job: Fremen Survival Trainer (10)

Gimmick: Desert McGyver (10)
Weakness: Cannot Lie (10)

Galach +1
Physician +1
Cooking +1

64 Yum Yums


Sietch name: Shahin (Hawk)
Common name: Dhakiy (Intelligent, bright)

Character concept: Hardworking Fremen with a strong technical knack, serves by maintaining/building equipment. Bright, but impatient, idealistic and sometimes naieve. Believes Fremen goals can and should be accelerated by boldness and ingenuity.

Tag line: “We must act. The future we seek will not come to the idle”

Dumb fact: Keeps his hair cut quite short. Seeing someone get their hair caught in the workings of a sandcrawler will make you particular about such things.
WWPHITM: Karl Urban

Body: 13
Brain: 14
Nerve: 11
Health: 13

Job: Fremen Technician (13)

Gimmick: Scrapbox (10)
Weakness: Impatient (10)

Galach +1
Marksman +1
Ornithopter pilot +1

Note: “Scrapbox” translates into “often seems to have useful odds and ends for fixing/jury rigging stuff about his person”

73 Yum Yums


Sietch name: Sanika (strong minded, warm hearted)
Common name: Aleena (Silk of heaven)

Sietch name was A'shadieeyah (Princess/Perfect/Cute) before she passed her worm rider test.

Character concept: A'shadieeyah is a smart, brave, precocious child and would be a talented Sayyadina if she didn't know it so much. She learns quick and angers quicker.
Tag line: “… Yes… That's just how it happened.”

Dumb fact: A'shadieeyah was found in the desert by Zaetar. No-one knows how she got there
WWPHITM: Annagramma Hawkin

Body: 9
Brain: 12
Nerve: 14
Health: 10

Job: Fremen Sayyadina (10)

Gimmick: Favoured by Shai-Hulud (10)
Weakness: Spoilt Brat (10)

First Aid +1
Pharmacy +2
Gardener +2
Entertainer +2
Forage +1

75 Yum Yums


Sietch name: Nina (Fire)
Common name: Natasha (Strong)

Character concept: No act is too vile to reclaim Arrakis. No move is too bold to hold it
Tag line: “Timing is everything”

Dumb fact: Dislikes coffee. Will avoid it if possible
WWPHITM: Salma Hayek

Body: 7
Brain: 16
Nerve: 10
Health: 12

Job: Fremen Spy (10)

Gimmick: Keen senses (10)
Weakness: Compulsive liar (10)

Maula pistol +1
Knife fighting +1
Body language +1
Galach +1

75 Yum Yums


Sietch name: Alttahwida (Hammer)
Common name: Shakush (Lullaby)

Character concept: Huge and doesn't always know his own strength, but possibly the most easy-going man you'll ever meet.
Tag line: “Sure. Whatever you say.”

Dumb fact: Keeps a pet kangaroo mouse to remind him to be gentle.
WWPHITM: Tom Hardy playing Thor Bjornsson

Body: 16
Brain: 8
Nerve: 14
Health: 16

Job: Fremen Warrior (14)

Gimmick: Extra pair of hands (11)
Weakness: Follower (11)

Skills: Baliset +5

75 Yum Yums

Gimmick: Offers a bonus to someone he is directly assisting and being directed by.
Weakness: Trusting and easily persuaded. Not likely to improvise or take initiative for himself.

Note: “Fremen Warrior” allows a second chance in combat (using the same Word, treated as ranged combat - attacker cannot take damage)

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