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Dead NPCs (previous campaigns)

Do not count a human dead until you've seen the body. And even then you can make a mistake.


Jumanak (sietch name Mais Afya)

Eaten by a great worm, 10,176

Mais Afya served as a guide and bodyguard to Umma. This was a position of great trust and responsibility, but it also meant that she had to spend a lot of time away from the sietch. She deliberately called a worm to herself to divert it away from her sietch-mates.

Naib Rashad (sietch name Hayawiyya)

Naib of Sietch Bissal

Killed by Mash'Al (sietch name Shihab) in a Tahaddi Challenge, 10,174

Hayawiyya is fairly short at 5' 7“. This sometimes makes people underestimate him, but they do so at their cost. Like most Fremen, he has a wiry but strong build. He has short black hair with a few flecks of grey. His beard is short and well maintained. He is 42 years old at the start of the campaign.

Reverend Mother Marha (sietch name Samar)

Sietch Bissal Reverend Mother

Died during an attack on Sietch Bissal, 10,174

The tribe's reverend mother, Samar is 74 years old at the start of the campaign. She took the water of life at age 50.

Yakootah (sietch name Janan)

Born: 10,160

Died in the assault on Sietch Jacurutu, 10,174


Dmitri Kudu

Harkonnen second-in-command, captured and later killed by Sietch Bissal in 10,174.

Herk Chulo

Killed by Ghusun of Sietch Bissal (sietch name Dahab)

A merchant who trades in anything that will make him a profit. It appears that his latest venture is women of the bled.

Janess Berto-Anirul

Janess claims to be an off-worlder that has travelled to Dune to work for Lady Fenring. She is friendly, and has a good singing voice.

She was killed in season two when the characters discovered that she was actually a Bene Gesserit. They found out that she had discovered the following, and reported it to Lady Fenring:

  • The Fremen have reverend mothers
  • She heard talk of thumpers
  • She wanted to know why she should not be allowed to see a worm's teeth too clearly
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