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 [[dune_season_three:npcs:yaminah|Yaminah]] (F). Water master [[dune_season_three:npcs:yaminah|Yaminah]] (F). Water master
-[[dune_season_three:npcs:orlop|Orlop]] (M)+[[dune_season_three:npcs:deadnpcs:orlop|Orlop]] (M)
 [[dune_season_three:npcs:mitha|Mitha]] (F). Guard [[dune_season_three:npcs:mitha|Mitha]] (F). Guard
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 ==== Dead NPCs ==== ==== Dead NPCs ====
-[[dune_season_three:npcs:tharthar|Tharthar]] (F)+[[dune_season_three:npcs:deadnpcs:tharthar|Tharthar]] (F)
 [[dune_season_three:npcs:deadnpcs:takim|Takim]] [[dune_season_three:npcs:deadnpcs:takim|Takim]]
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