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There is no curfew in Arrakeen or Carthag, due to practicality considerations. The cooler temperatures at night mean that the evenings can be very busy


Naibs & Reverend Mothers

  • Coanua Sietch
  • Maysarah Sietch
  • Red Wall Sietch
  • Sietch Bissal
  • Sietch Jacarutu (destroyed and all occupants killed in 10,174)
  • Sietch Tabr
  • Sietch Umbu
  • Suhula Sietch
  • Windgap Sietch

Rock Formations

  • The Attendant
  • Berk al Dib
  • Habbanya Ridge
  • Hole in the Rock
  • Shield Wall
  • Sihaya Ridge
  • Splintered Rock
  • Tuono Basin
  • Two Birds

Cave of Riches

Wind trap with a vast reservoir of water in a small rock formation

  • 524 miles from Sietch Bissal (one or two thumpers)
  • The reservoir is probably about as wide/long as an olympic swimming pool (ie about 50m x 25m). It's about 18' deep
  • About quarter full

Cave of Birds

  • Beneath Habbanya Ridge
  • Has a cave large enough to hide a factory crawler

Pyon Villages

  • Sihaya
  • Tyono


  • The village is in a relatively rocky area, like most villages, so that worms are less of a threat
  • There is a small rock formation close by - a likely landing site for ornithopters
  • The villagers make stillsuits to sell in the city, and sometimes get spice from the desert
  • The people have little interest in fighting the Harkonnen


  • Near the shield wall
  • Contains a Harkonnen guard station and troop barracks that live in an uneasy alliance with the village Fremen
  • Pardot Kynes (Umma) rescued three young Fremen near Windsack


The last known whereabouts of Dmitri Kudu, the previous Harkonnen second-in-command. The villagers were tortured for information regarding Kudu, then executed. The buildings have largely collapsed due to lack of maintenance.

Desert Regions

  • Tasmin Sink
  • Hobar's Gap
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