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Suhula Sietch

Population around 15,000 (about the size of a large village or small town). For comparison:

  • Whitby, North Yorkshire: 13,213
  • Louth, Lincolnshire: 16,419
  • Durham University has 17,810 students


Sietch Name [Common Name] (OOC name)

  • Sanika [Aleena] (Jenn)
  • Alttahwida [Shakush] (Dan)
  • Nina [Natasha] (Alan)
  • Shahin [Dhakiy] (Peter)
  • Zaetar [Barika] (Jen)


Sietch Name [Common Name] (Role in sietch) (Gender)

  • Tammam [Farrukh] (Naib) (M)
    • Married to Shafiq [Wahab] (M)
  • Badia [Johara] (Reverend Mother)
  • Jaiyana [Maahnoor] (Sietch guard) (senior) (F)
  • Baligh [Saqr] (Sietch guard) (junior) (M)
  • Aamilah [Badia] (Physician) (senior) (F)
  • Burayd [Mehtab] (Physician) (junior) (M)
  • Meymona [Bisma] (Watermaster) (senior) (F)
  • Lanika [Kareema] Ornithopter pilot and mechanic (F)
  • Haris [Chatt] Ornithopter pilot and mechanic (M)
  • Isa [Fareess] (Worm rider trainer) (F)
  • Aatif [Zaheer] (Warrior) (M)
  • Asimah [Fawz] (Warrior) (F)
  • Baheera [Muhsin] (Warrior) (F)
  • Dhakir [Qani] (Warrior) (M)
  • Fajr [Shuhda] (Warrior) (F)
  • Faysal [Wasil] (Warrior) (M)
  • Maysa [Dhuri] Seamstress (F)
  • Lubena [Sabriyah] Tailor. Makes all manner of clothes, cloaks, etc. (F)
  • Halimah [Maram] Looks after sietch's cielagos (bats used as carriers for distrans messages) (F)
  • Adira [Kharqa] (F) Was Ashfaq's wife, now married to Sanika.
  • Lichna [Reeha] (F) Works in the sietch stillsuit factory.

NPCs That Have Left

  • Fawzi [Abaan] (Worm rider trainer) (M)
  • Khaleed [Sakhrah] (Warrior) (M)
  • Haqq [Sharaf] Metal worker. Particularly noted for his coffee pots (M)

Dead NPCs

  • Ashfaq [Tahseen] (Watermaster) (senior) (M)
  • Rafidah [Hana] (F)
  • Siddra [Ayana] (Watermaster) (junior) (F)
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