Robin's RPG Resources

Resources for various RPG systems and settings.
Written for my own use, but others are welcome to use them.

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Micro RPG Catalog, a collection of tiny RPGs.

Roll20 is an online virtual tabletop with various tools.

The Little Details LiveJournal community can be very useful for unusual facts and information.

Ransom note generator.

Abulafia, a collection of user-contributed random generators.

SCIgen, an automatic computer science paper generator.

Mathgen, an automatic maths paper generator.

NPC Portraits

This Person Does Not Exist. AI-generated portraits, could be used for NPCs.

Generated Photos. Another source of AI-generated portraits.


Maps from OpenStreetMap can be downloaded in various formats

Soviet Military Topographic Mapping has information on Soviet military maps, including where they can be downloaded or bought

Newspaper etc Generators


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