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It's easier to be terrified by an enemy you admire


Glossu Rabban Harkonnen

Born in 10,132, Glossu Rabban Harkonnen is the Count of Lankiveil and the eldest nephew of the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. He is overweight, dull-witted and sadistic. The fremen have several nicknames for him: the Beast, Mudir Nahya (Demon Ruler), and King Cobra. His headquarters is in Carthag, from where he rules as an oppressive tyrant, as per his uncle’s instructions.

Unbeknown to Glossu Rabban Harkonnen, the Baron plans to replace him with his younger and cleverer brother, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, at some point in the future. It is the Baron’s intention that the people, having been brutalised over many years by Rabban, will welcome Feyd-Rautha as a saviour.

Dmitri Kudu

Dmitri Kudu is a big, burly, strong man. Rabban’s senior lieutenant, he is based in Arrakeen. He is originally from Giedi Prime, and has spent his entire adult life fighting for the Harkonnens. He is a soldier’s officer, liked and respected by his men, feared by his enemies. His men will follow him into any battle (he always leads from the front), sure that he will lead them to victory. Kudu has no wife or girlfriend, but does sometimes make use of Sameera Kawthar’s escort services.

Kudu has ambitions to replace Rabban. See Plot Ideas for details.

Kudu’s Guards

Kudu has a small force of nine guards that have worked with him for years, and are all fiercely loyal to him, as he is to them. They all served in the same squad on Giedi Prime. When the squad’s leader was killed, Kudu took charge and brutally put down the slave revolt that had killed his officer. He was rewarded with a promotion, and has done what he could for the others ever since. As soon as he rose sufficiently high in rank to do so, he took them all as his personal guards.

Obeshev Marotin

The main Harkonnen doctor in Arrakeen, Marotin is known as “Old Man Marotin” to most of the Harkonnen garrison on Arrakis. He is a competent physician who has gradually worked his way up the ranks during the 30 years he has served the Harkonnens. His rank means that he and his wife, Genino, are provided with a small but comfortable house.

Imperial Agents

Count Hasimir Fenring

Born in 10,133, Fenring is a close personal friend of Emperor Shaddam IV and serves on Arrakis as the Emperor’s Spice Minister, charged with overseeing spice production, spying on the Harkonnens and ensuring a continual flow of spice. He is a small man with oversize dark eyes and a weasel face. He is married to Lady Margot Fenring, and lives with her in The Keep in Arrakeen. Fenring is a mentat, a skilled politician and a renowned assassin. He is also a product of the Bene Gesserit breeding program, a potential Kwizatz Haderach and a genetic eunuch.

Fenring is aware that Lady Margot is a breeding mother, and sometimes helps her with her assignments. He has been trained by Lady Margot in many of the Bene Gesserit techniques.

Unbeknown to Fenring, Margot administered a residual poison to him on their wedding night. She administers the antidote in his food, so poison snoopers don’t detect it. Hower this means that Fenring will die if anything happens to Margot or he loses access to the antidote. Also unbeknown to Fenring, Margot implanted a hypnotic suggestion that would paralyse him from the neck down if it was activated using Voice.

Lady Margot Fenring (maiden name Zashino-Rea)

Lady Margot Fenring is a Bene Gesserit of hidden rank. She is a reverend mother, and a breeding mother, tasked with acquiring valuable genetic material for the Bene Gesserit breeding program. Note that these things are not known outside a small group within the Sisterhood. Renowned for her incredible beauty, cunning and resourcefulness, she has blond hair and grey-green eyes.

She is a highly trained spy and assassin, specialising in flash memorisation. She is married to Count Fenring, and maintains a facade of loyalty to Count Fenring and House Corrino, though she is actually entirely loyal to the Sisterhood. She has managed to acquire some sources within the Harkonnen presence on Arrakis.

Lady Margot has coached Count Hasimir Fenring in many Bene Gesserit techniques, but she has also given him a residual poison and implanted a hypnotic suggestion within him. See Count Fenring’s entry for details.

Pardot (“Umma”) Kynes

Kynes was born on Paseo in 10,121, the only son of Leuis and Marique Kynes. In 10,149 he was given the position of Imperial Planetologist for Arrakis by Emperor Elrood IX. Kynes did not get on well with the Harkonnens, who would not leave him alone to study the planet. They insisted that at least one of the House Guard should accompany him at all times. Kynes considered such guards to be nothing more than a nuisance, and avoided them whenever he could.

Kynes discovered that there had once been surface water on the planet, and after further study, became convinced that Arrakis could be transformed into a gentler world, where humans could live without the ever-present danger of thirst and heat. By 10,151 he had realised that the fremen could help him realise this dream.

He came into contact with the fremen after he saved some young boys that were being attacked by a Harkonnen patrol, and tried to persuade the fremen to help him turn Arrakis into a lush planet with relatively small areas of desert. The fremen, after much deliberation, ordered him killed, as tradition dictated. His killer, Uliet, approached him while he was lecturing. Kynes simply told Uliet to “Remove yourself” and walked past him. Uliet took three steps and deliberately fell on his crysknife. This was taken to be a sign from god, and so the fremen allowed Kynes to live. Kynes married a fremen woman and had a son, Liet Kynes. Kynes secretly worked closely with the fremen until 10,175, when he was killed in a landslide at Plaster Basin.

Kynes has an official residence, with extensive laboratory facilities, in Arrakeen. However, he spends a lot of his time in the desert. Note that he is not as well versed in desert survival as the fremen, though he is considerably more at home there than most off-worlders. He has never learned to capture a worm for transport, though he has ridden worms when travelling with fremen.

Other Off-Worlders

Off-worlders are known as “out-freyn” to the Fremen

Herk Chulo

Herk Chulo is an off-world trader. A man of few morals, he will trade in anything that turns a profit, including slaves. He has a contract to supply Fremen women as sex slaves - the blue-blue eyes are seen as exotic on other worlds, and so the women fetch a high price.

A plan of Chulo's shuttle is included in Appendix 1.

People of Arrakeen

The fremen of the city and villages are down-trodden and weak. Few have the spirit to oppose their Harkonnen lords, and simply get on with life as well as they can. Some, however, do what they can to oppose the Harkonnens, and may even have some contact with the desert fremen.

Esmar Tuek

Esmar Tuek is a spice smuggler, with operations based in the polar regions. He has spent enough time on Arrakis that he has the eyes of ibad, of a similar level as a village fremen. He has rough features, with a knife scar on his left cheek. He is a cunning businessman, who pays a regular bribe to the fremen so that his operations are not disrupted by them. He knows and respects several fremen, including Pardot Kynes. He knows that Kynes works with the fremen, but doesn’t suspect the level of involvement - he probably assumes that Kynes, like himself, has realised that his work in the desert would be practically impossible without at least tacit approval from the fremen. As a smuggler, Tuek has access to various space craft, including some that can operate over short inter-planetary distances. He has a son named Staban.

Lingar Bewt

Lingar Bewt is a prominent water seller, who mines ice from the north polar regions, then sells it as water in Arrakeen. Although water sellers are generally held in some disdain by the population, everyone understands that, without his water, the population would struggle to survive at current levels.

Knowing that the Harkonnens would like to take over his mines, Bewt has rigged them with explosives, and issued orders that they are to be blown up if anything happens to him. The Harkonnens know this, and are constantly looking for a way to remove him without losing his mines, but they have had no success so far in infiltrating his organisation.

Bewt has a bland round face, darkly tanned skin, large eyes and thick lips. He owns a summer mansion in the north polar region, close to his factory.

Sameera Kawthar

Kawthar is a thin, hard-faced city fremen. She runs a high-class escort service that caters mainly to off-planet visitors, and claims to be able to provide off-world escorts, city fremen, village fremen or desert fremen, according to the client’s wishes. In actual fact, there are a few off-world escorts, but most are recruited from the city or villages, and given contact lenses to give their eyes the required look. This escort service, however, is a cover for various smuggling, spying and blackmail operations.

Abbo Orik

Orik is a city fremen, small-time gangster and loan shark. He runs a shop near the space port, selling stillsuits to off-worlders. The stillsuits aren’t of desert manufacture, and so would be of very little use in the deep desert. He has two minders, Rabah and Muhsin. He doesn’t have dealings with either the desert fremen or the Harkonnens if he can help it.

Orik has contacts that can smuggle people or cargo into or out of the space port, if the price is right.

Jasta Mason

A guild representative, Mason deals with the fremen and receives their spice bribes. He is of average height with a thin build and pasty complexion. His primary concern is getting the spice bribes from the fremen to the Guild. As long as that happens, he doesn’t much care about anything else.

Qâ'im Umayyid

A tall, thin man, Umayyid is a merchant in Arrakeen. He deals in high quality cloth, and much of his trade is with the Harkonnens. Despite this, he doesn’t much like them and is willing to help out the desert fremen as long as it doesn’t put him or his business in danger.

Umayyid’s shop is in the prosperous area of Arrakeen, not too far from the space port.

  • The shop is a single-storey building
  • It has a door leading into an office with a desk, chair and bookcase. There are several neat stacks of paper on the desk
  • There is no other furnishing in the office. There is one window, and a door into a kitchen
  • The kitchen has a door leading outside, and a window
  • The kitchen door leads to a short back street. It’s a relatively quiet street, at the back of the shops. At either end there is a main street, a few yards away there is an entrance onto another back street

A plan of Umayyid’s shop is included in Appendix 1.

People of the Desert

Naib Makin (sietch name Thabit)

Makin is the naib of the Iduali. He is tall, strong and an accomplished fighter, who will turn vicious if he feels his people are threatened. He is willing to do anything to protect his people. He can be friendly or threatening, as the situation dictates, and can switch from friend to enemy in a heartbeat.

Reverend Mother Karida (sietch name Fadwa)

Karida is the Iduali’s reverend mother. She is a tall, willowy woman with long black hair. She is fiercely protective of her people, particularly Naib Makin. Among her Other Memories are memories of some that were killed in the purging of Sietch Jacarutu. These memories fuel her hatred for the other fremen.

Naib Rashad (sietch name Hayawiyya)

Hayawiyya is fairly short at 5' 7“. This sometimes makes people underestimate him, but they do so at their cost. Like most fremen, he has a wiry but strong build. He has short black hair with a few flecks of grey. His beard is short and well maintained. He is 42 years old, and has been naib of Sietch Bissal for the last 10 years.

Reverend Mother Marha (sietch name Samar)

Sietch Bissal’s reverend mother, Samar is a short, thin woman of 74 years. She took the water of life at age 50.

Naib Rajifiri (sietch name Jasmir)

Naib of Maysarah Sietch

Jasmir is tall, strong, and stockier than most Fremen. He has long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, and a full, brown beard. He is 49 years old.

Reverend Mother Mahum (sietch name Rasheedah)

Reverend Mother of Maysarah Sietch.

Liet Kynes

Liet Kynes was born in 10,156, the son of Pardot Kynes and his fremen wife. Unlike his father, Liet Kynes was brought up as a fremen, and could ride sandworms. His father taught him about planetology and ecology, and when his father died in 10,175 he was granted his father’s title of Imperial Planetologist. He continued his father’s work to transform Arrakis into a temperate world. He married Faroula, a noted fremen herbalist originally from Red Wall Sietch, and they had a daughter, Chani.

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