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Places on Arrakis

Polish comes from the cities, wisdom from the desert


120 miles south-west of Carthag.

Located near the northern pole of the planet, and sat largely on a mass of bedrock. This, in conjunction with the protection afforded by the Shield Wall, prevented any incursions from Sandworms.

There is one ornithopter base, which is generally used by Imperial officials conducting a survey, ice miners bound for the poles, rich noblemen trying to see a sandworm, etc. The Harkonnens do operate a few ‘thopters from there, but no spice mining operations run from Arrakeen.

There is no curfew in Arrakeen or Carthag, due to practicality considerations. The cooler temperatures at night mean that the evenings can be quite busy.

Tavern: Al-Xishf Al-Muzakki (“The Grown Fawn”)

A fairly quiet, respectable tavern, frequented by better-off city fremen such as merchants. It is not frequented by Harkonnens. The layout has lots of booths and small, enclosed areas that afford some level of privacy.

Tavern: Selim’s Tavern

A tavern in a fairly rough part of the city. It is friendly to desert fremen and ignored by Harkonnens, off-worlders and the wealthier city fremen. It is named after Selim Wormrider, the first man to ride a great worm. Most people are unaware of that story, and assume that “Selim” is the name of the man who first set up the bar. The layout is a single large room. There are various-sized tables with stools to sit at.

Tavern: Zawba'a Ramliyya (“Sandstorm”)

A tavern near the space port. Most of it’s customers are off-worlders looking for a “genuine” local tavern. Staff are given contact lenses to make their eyes appear to be the deep blue-within-blue of desert fremen. Occasionally an actual desert fremen will take a job there, usually because they are after some information, and they stop turning up for work as soon as they have what they want.

It is a single storey building. The bar layout is a large central area, with a bar in a U shape extending into it. There are booths on the left as you walk in, with dividers tall enough that they cannot be seem over. On the right is an open area with tables and chairs. Toilets are to the back. There is a window on either side of the entrance door, and there are small windows in the toilets.

The Harkonnens tend to ignore it.

A floor plan is included in Appendix 1.

Coffee Shop: Koochi

Koochi is close to the Keep, and often frequented by off-worlders and city fremen that work at the Keep.

The Keep

A huge structure, designed to intimidate anyone viewing it, the Keep is large enough to enclose a small city. It has a large conservatory, housing plants from around the galaxy, which require a monumental quantity of water simply to keep them alive.

Ornithopter Base

There is one ornithopter base in Arrakeen, close to the space port. It is generally used by Imperial officials and ice miners. Rich nobles sometimes come to Arrakis hoping to see a great worm, and will normally charter an ornithopter flight from Arrakeen out to the desert. The Harkonnens operate a few ornithopters from the base, but no spice mining operations are run from Arrakeen, they are all run from Carthag.

Space Port

The space port is a large area at the edge of the city, with fences and Harkonnen guards at the gates. Inside, cargo containers are stacked in one corner, with vehicles pulling them to their respective shuttles, where machinery lifts them into place before the shuttle takes off to rendezvous with a waiting heighliner. At any given time, there will be dozens of cargo shuttles and several personal shuttles in the space port.


Arrakeen has a small library that dates back to pre-Harkonnen times. Since the Harkonnens have no interest in providing the local population with such a resource, it doesn’t get much funding and is consequently somewhat dilapidated. The small staff work to keep it open as a point of pride, and as a small gesture of opposition to the Harkonnens, since they believe that an educated populace is more likely to oppose the invaders.

Funds come from two main sources. They accept donations, and sell some books, including a small booklet named “Guide to the Imperium”, written by a local city fremen named Jumah Ullam and published by the library.


120 miles north-east of Arrakeen.

Carthag was erected by House Harkonnen when Spacing Guild manipulations had given them Arrakis as a quasi-fief to govern. The city was built north-east of the Shield Wall with the rapidity of inexhaustible human labour, with blocky buildings constructed of substandard materials for ostentatious purposes or functionality. Pardot Kynes noticed its lack of finesse or elegance.

There is no curfew in Arrakeen or Carthag, due to practicality considerations. The cooler temperatures at night mean that the evenings can be quite busy.

Carthag has three ornithopter bases. Spice mining operations run from two of the bases. Access to these bases is strictly restricted to those involved in spice mining. The third base is used almost exclusively by the Harkonnens. They allow some non-Harkonnen traffic.

The Palace

Rabban's residence, and the official seat of government. It is actually a series of large, blocky buildings. Like the rest of Carthag, it has little aesthetic value, but unlike the rest of Carthag, it is generally built to a high standard, using good quality materials.

When there are dinner guests, it is the custom for diners to wash their hands as they enter the palace. They do so with deliberate carelessness, splashing water onto the floor. They dry their hands and throw the towel onto the floor. By the time they're all done, the towels are soaking wet. People gather near the entrance of the palace to buy water squeezed from the towels.

Space Port

The entrance is a gate (wide enough for a ground car). To the right (as you enter) is a gate house, consisting of a single small room with two guards, and large windows for them to observe the approaches. Their view into the port isn't very good. There is a single door (opening outwards) leading into the gate house from inside the port.

Ships aren't usually guarded, as they're considered secure inside the space port.

Tavern: Paapan Kapakka

Run by an ex-Harkonnen soldier, almost all of the customers are Harkonnen soldiers. A rough bar, with quieter areas for those willing to pay a premium.

It has strippers every night. Normally they are local girls, but occasionally they get off-worlders. Due to the popularity of off-world girls, an entrance fee is charged when they are working.

Tavern: Lehrer’s Landfall

Lehrer’s Landfall is near the spaceport, and a favourite of shuttle crews etc

The bar is shabby but reasonably clean

It consists of a single large room. There are tables with bench seats. The layout is somewhat reminiscent of a contemporary canteen

The bar is along one wall, there are two bar staff. They serve alcoholic drinks and spice coffee

The clientele are mostly male, but there are some women

The building itself is of a prefabricated look that many of the buildings near the spaceport seem to share. Painted directly onto the front wall is “Lehrer’s Landfall” and a picture of a supposedly comical shuttle craft. it has a face with Xs where the eyes would be, it’s tongue is lolling out and it is lying on its back drunk or possibly dead. It’s a shabby looking place.

Tavern: Musaafir (The Wanderer)

A relatively clean and classy establishment, The Wanderer serves the best food in Carthag (that's not saying much).

Although the Harkonnens generally ignore it, almost any other class of person on Dune can be found here.

It is fairly commonly used as a meeting place, since the booths keep conversations reasonably private.

A floor plan is included in Appendix 1.

Lodging House: Yabanci Konaklama

A lodging house near the space port. Cheap but not very clean, stays here tend to be short.

The Desert

Sietch Jacurutu & Shuloch Village

Sietch Jacarutu was originally the home of the Iduali (“water insects”), a fremen tribe that were cast out of wider fremen society for heinous acts, including water stealing and unwarranted murder. Long before the arrival of the Harkonnens, the other fremen attacked Sietch Jacarutu and it was believed that all the Iduali were killed. By the time the Harkonnens arrived, Sietch Jacarutu and the Iduali were widely believed to be the stuff of legend.

Some Iduali survived, however. They kept a very low profile, living in a village named Schuloch, close to the original site of Sietch Jacarutu. They sometimes indulge in spice smuggling. The Iduali generally keep to fremen tradition, but they have no loyalty to anyone outside of the Iduali. Many of them believe that they were betrayed by the other tribes.

Sietch Bissal

A typical fremen sietch of about 300 people, Bissal is a single thumper from both Arrakeen and Carthag.

Maysarah Sietch

A typical fremen sietch, it is a single thumper from Carthag, two thumpers from Arrakeen.

Rock Formation: Cave of Riches

Wind trap with a vast reservoir of water in a small rock formation

  • 524 miles from Sietch Bissal (one or two thumpers)
  • The reservoir is probably about as wide/long as an olympic swimming pool (ie about 50m x 25m). It's about 18' deep
  • About quarter full

Rock Formation: Cave of Birds

  • Beneath Habbanya Ridge
  • Has a cave large enough to hide a factory crawler

Fremen Villages


Oxtyn is a typical village with a population of around 1,000. It is situated in a rocky area so that sandworms are not a threat. Most of the people either work on spice mining or make stillsuits for sale in Arrakeen. The people have no interest in fighting the Harkonnens. The naib is a friendly man named Licallo, who will try to avoid trouble whenever possible.


Windsack is another village, situated near the Shield Wall. It contains a Harkonnen guard station and troop barracks. The Harkonnens and villagers grudgingly accept each other, though there is little love lost on either side, and there are occasional fights.


The village of Tsimpo was the last known whereabouts of Dmitri Kudu, the previous Harkonnen second-in-command. The villagers were tortured for information regarding Kudu, then executed. The buildings have largely collapsed due to lack of maintenance.

Other Villages

Other villages include Arsunt, Sihaya, Tsimpo and Tyono. All are built on bedrock close to the Shield Wall, around either Arrakeen or Carthag.

Villages are generally made up of single-storey buildings with a few moisture collectors. The construction is rather shabby, and there is no evidence that any thought has gone into the construction or layout.

The inhabitants work on spice mining and make stillsuits for sale in the cities. Occasionally a spice blow will happen nearby and they will dig up as much of the spice as possible, for sale in the cities or to smugglers. 

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