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Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.


Secondary (low-drain) phase of a Holtzman field generator. It nullifies gravity within certain limits prescribed by relative mass and energy consumption. The gravity on small, light devices such as glowglobes can be completely nullified. The weight of larger items can be reduced, but not completely eliminated. Suspensors reduced Baron Harkonnen's apparent weight to one-quarter of his true weight.


A sabotage device designed for use only on Arrakis. It produces an unusable field that emits radiation like a true defensive shield, driving sandworms berserk. Nothing can stop a worm that has been aroused by this maddeningly painful device. It will attack and destroy the pseudo-shield and anything or anyone nearby.


An assassination device made up of two parts: the control console, from which the operator directs the weapon’s movement; and the hunter-seeker proper, a thin metal sliver measuring five centimetres or less in length. The sliver is powered by a compressed suspensor field, which gives the operator the combined advantages of speed (the hunter-seeker can travel, in short bursts, at speeds in excess of 100 kph [Move 28]) and high manoeuvrability. In the hands of a skilled operator, it can penetrate a personal force shield.

Once contact is made, the outcome is inevitable. Regardless of what portion of the body it struck, the sliver, attracted to electrical impulses, is drawn into the nearest nerve pathway. It then follows this course to the major organs, leaving a path of torn and destroyed tissue in its wake. When sufficient damage has resulted to cause death, the flow of energy through the nervous system stops, and the sliver freezes in place. The unstable metal is designed to disintegrate within half an hour of losing its energy contact, leaving only the tiny, and easily overlooked, crystal eye inside the corpse.

A successful attack roll ignores the PD of any personal shield the victim may be wearing. After a successful attack, the hunter-seeker does 2d impaling damage every turn, until the victim dies. Attempts to grab the device out of the air before it attacks are made at DX. If the hunter-seeker attacks, a successful parry (as per Parry Missile Weapon Skill) is required before the device can be grabbed. If the parry is successful, it may be grabbed on a successful DX roll. If the parry fails, it may not be grabbed.

The console weighs 4 pounds and has a remote control range of 75 yards. It uses a modified Holtzmann wave to relay commands. No line of sight is required between the console and the hunter-seeker to acquire the target. The entire device costs $4,000 on the black market, and is Legality Class 0. The hunter-seeker is powered by a AA cell which lasts for 30 minutes, the console is powered by a C cell which provides enough power for 3 months of continuous use.


According to the Dune Encyclopedia, the hunter-seeker was rendered obsolete around 10,205, when the reversant was invented. The reversant was a combined alarm & counter-weapon. It detected the hunter-seeker’s compressed suspensor field, amplified it and fed it back to the control console. This resulted in an explosion large enough to kill the operator, leaving few traces. Every house that was even remotely likely to be the target of a hunter-seeker rapidly equipped themselves with reversants, making the hunter-seeker obsolete.

A reversant will detect an operating hunter-seeker within 100 yards on a roll of 15 or less. No line of sight is required to detect a hunter-seeker. On a successful roll, the console explodes, inflicting 6dx3 concussion damage on the operator. Others close by take damage based on the same roll, but divided by 4 per 2 yards range (¼ at 2 yards, 1/16 at 4 yards, and so on).

A reversant weighs 12 pounds and is powered by two D cells, which will run the device for 6 months of continuous use.

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