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New Rules

We all have times when we cannot see the desert for the sand


Immunity to Poison

This is an advantage, which is automatically granted to a Bene Gesserit character when she becomes a reverend mother.

You can manipulate your internal body chemistry to a fantastic degree. As such, you can halt the effect of poisons. As long as you are conscious at the time of application, poisons have no effect on you. If you are unconscious at the time of application, normal rules apply.


Riding (Sandworm) (Physical/Average)

Defaults to DX-5 if the character is a desert Fremen, no default for other characters. This skill is only available to desert Fremen.

This skill is the ability to mount and direct a giant sandworm to be used for transportation across the great deserts. A thumper (a Fremen device that simulates the rhythmic thumping of the mating-call made by a female sandworm when she prepares her nest) calls a male sandworm, where the rider rushes to the side of the worm and inserts a specially designed maker hook into the ring segments of the worm.

Once the rings are opened, exposing the sensitive inner tissues of the sandworm, the sandworm will rotate to shift the opening as far from the surface of the sand as possible. The sandrider holds onto the hook and is carried to the top of the worm, where he mounts more hooks to direct the worm, opening rings along the side to turn the worm.

A successful DX roll is necessary to mount the sandworm. Critical failure means the worm has smothered the rider, burying him under the bulk of his body (see rules concerning suffocation). A successful roll vs. Riding (Sandworm) skill is necessary to gain initial control of the worm, and once per hour afterwards to retain control (at +2 for every previously successful control roll).

Bene Gesserit Insight (Mental/Hard) No default

This skill is only taught by the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, and is not normally available to characters of any other background. It is similar to the Empathy advantage, but gives greater insight.

Bene Gesserit are taught to spot minute clues in a person’s demeanour and speech. It can be used to gain the same information as the Empathy advantage, but it can also be used (at GM discretion) to gain other insights into a person’s motives or intentions. The information gained will be more extensive and reliable if the Bene Gesserit knows the target and/or has time to study them.

Bene Gesserit Voice (Mental/Hard) No default

This skill is only taught by the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, and is not normally available to characters of any other background.

Through Voice, a subtle manipulation of vocal tones, a Bene Gesserit can manipulate an individual by triggering clue tones. Certain voice patterns trigger primal human responses, and the registered person can be controlled in any situation. Women specifically gifted with The Great Control can manage any number of people in any situation, and can even control other Bene Gesserits, but these are extremely rare.

A quick contest of skills, Voice vs. Will -6, is required for a successful use of this skill. If successful, the victim can be ordered to comply to any order of moderate complexity. The skill requires a period of careful observation of the intended victim’s speech pattern before it can be used on him. Usually a few clear sentences uttered by the victim are enough.

Truthsay (Mental/Very Hard) No default

Prerequisites: Empathy Advantage & Bene Gesserit Insight

This skill is only taught by the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, and even then only to some Reverend Mothers. It is not normally available to characters of any other background. It is similar to the more casual Detect Lies skill, but, because of its methods, cannot be countered like Detect Lies can.

The Bene Gesserit is taught to “read” and “register” a person in order to manipulate him by Voice. This training can also be heightened to determine whether the individual is lying. Through the use of reihani decipherment a Bene Gesserit can recognize a registered individual no matter what overt change in behaviour or appearance he assumes. When combined with intense observational skills, the gifted Bene Gesserit can determine whether the individual is lying.

A successful roll vs. Truthsay will reveal that the subject has lied. It will not, however, reveal what the truth may be. Furthermore, because the skill is based only on careful observation of the subject, if the subject believes what he says is true, this skill will not reveal it as a falsehood.

Fremen Characters

Advantages, Disadvantages & Skills

The following advantages should always be taken:

  • Acute Vision (From melange, player may choose level)
  • Immunity to Disease (From melange)
  • Longevity (From melange)

The following disadvantages should always be taken:

  • Addiction (Melange, -5 points. See notes below)
  • Odius personal habit (Body odour due to still suit, -5 points. Not applicable to City Fremen)
  • Sense of Duty (to the tribe, -10 points. Not applicable to City Fremen)
  • Social stigma (Fremen, -5 points)

Fremen characters may not take the Fat disadvantage. Gluttony is unusual, but may be allowed at the GM’s discretion. Skinny is a common disadvantage. Any disadvantage that would make the character too much of a burden on the tribe (eg Lame) is not allowed (it may be allowed for City Fremen at the GM’s discretion). The Force Shield skill and its corresponding attack styles are not allowed.

Melange Addiction

All Fremen have blue on blue eyes (ie the white and iris of the eyes are deep blue) due to the melange addiction that comes to all natives of Arrakis. As melange addicts, they receive the advantages Immunity to Disease, Longevity and Acute Vision.

The addiction is a -5 point disadvantage for a Fremen:

  • Dose is free (everything on Arrakis is saturated with melange): 0 points
  • Melange is totally addictive: -10 points
  • Melange is legal: +5 points


The native language for Desert Fremen is Chakobsa. Characters may take Imperial Galach (Mental/Easy) as a language skill. The native language for City Fremen is Imperial Galach, but characters may take Chakobsa (Mental/Average) as a language skill.

Reverend Mothers

A Bene Gesserit or Fremen Sayyadina PC that is sufficiently experienced (GM discretion) may attempt to become a Reverend Mother. Two successful rolls are required - the first against Bene Gesserit Insight, the second against IQ. If both are successful, the character becomes a Reverend Mother. If either fails, the character dies. Death is painful and takes 10 minutes plus one minute for each point that the roll was failed by.

On becoming a reverend mother, the character gains the Immunity to Disease advantage.

Reverend Mothers have access to a vast range of Other Memories, giving them many lifetimes of experience and knowledge to draw upon. As such, they get a +2 on default rolls for mental skills. Mental skills that do not normally have a default may be attempted at a default of -6. For example, the default for Merchant becomes IQ-3 instead of IQ-5, and Navigation (no default) may be attempted at IQ-6.

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