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Alttahwida [Shakush] (Dan)

Concept: Huge (6' 11" tall) and doesn't always know his own strength, but possibly the most easy-going man you'll ever meet.

Body: 16
Brain: 8
Nerve: 14
Health: 16
Current HP: 16
Yum Yums: 24
Job: Fremen Warrior (15)

Nina [Natasha] (Alan)

Concept: No act is too vile to reclaim Arrakis. No move is too bold to hold it

Body: 8
Brain: 16
Nerve: 10
Health: 12
Current HP: 12
Yum Yums: 23
Job: Fremen Spy (12)

Sanika [Aleena] (Jenn)

Concept: A'shadieeyah is a smart, brave, precocious child and would be a talented Sayyadina if she didn't know it so much. She learns quick and angers quicker.

Body: 11
Brain: 14
Nerve: 14
Health: 12
Current HP: 12
Yum Yums: 9
Job: Fremen Sayyadina (14)

Shahin [Dhakiy] (Peter)

Concept: Hardworking Fremen with a strong technical knack, serves by maintaining/building equipment. Bright, but impatient, idealistic and sometimes naieve. Believes Fremen goals can and should be accelerated by boldness and ingenuity.

Body: 14
Brain: 15
Nerve: 12
Health: 14
Current HP: 14
Yum Yums: 41
Job: Fremen Technician (15)

Zaetar [Barika] (Jen)

Concept: Utterly practical. Heavy on the mundane. Good at improvising. If anyone's going to survive the desert without a Fremkit, you'd bet your water on her. Mid-late 20s

Body: 13
Brain: 11
Nerve: 14
Health: 13
Current HP: 13
Yum Yums: 16
Job: Fremen Survival Trainer (14)

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