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Liet Kynes

Liet Kynes is the son of Pardot Kynes (Umma). His mother is Fremen, and he has been brought up as a Fremen. He is known to the Fremen as Liet, and to others as Doctor Kynes. His father has applied for him to take over as Imperial planetologist on his death - it is unlikely that this application will be refused. Liet Kynes has been taught by his father, so that he can continue his father's work to transform Arrakis into a green planet.

He is married to Faroula, a noted fremen herbalist originally from Red Wall Sietch, and they have a nine-week old daughter, Chani. They currently call Sietch Tabr home, but Liet spends much of his time in other sietches or in the city.

He has residences/labs in both Arrakeen and Carthag. Each has a lab and entertaining area downstairs, bedroom and bathroom upstairs. His neighbours in Carthag are Sameera Kawthar and Keke Tayama.

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