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Maysa means “Walking with pride”. Common Name Dhuri.

Young woman originally from Sietch Gara Kulon, now a member of Suhula Sietch.

She is 16 years old, and mastered Shai-Hulud at age 12.

She is fond of animals and flowers.

She is addicted to semuta, having been given it by Sameera Kawthar.

The characters have promised to get her justice for being kidnapped and sold.


Helped by Reverend Mother Badia, she remembered the following about her kidnapping:

  • She was kidnapped by Jawa (Sietch Gara Kulon) (sietch name Yitzhak).
  • He tricked her into joining him at his yali, then injected her with something that knocked her out. When she regained consciousness, she was bound and in an ornithopter.
  • Jawa flew to the city, gagged her, and carried her to Kawthar's brothel.
  • Dhuri was part-payment for hunter-seekers.
  • Kawthar charged people to have sex with Dhuri. Dhuri fought, and eventually Kawthar started giving her semuta to keep her under control.


DHURI: Jawa, his sietch name is Yitzhak, he asked me to his yali. Said he wanted advice about some clothes he wanted made for Al'Jamil. The next thing I knew, I was bound up and in an ornithopter.

BADIA: (using voice) How did he get you into the ornithopter?

DHURI: I don't… I felt a stabbing sensation. He must have injected me with something. I lost consciousness. When I regained consciousness, I was bound and in an ornithopter. He flew to the city. When we landed, he gagged me, then carried me to the brothel where they (indicating the PCs) found me.

BADIA: (using voice) What happened at the brothel?

DHURI: He put me down in a corridor and talked to her in a room. I could hear some of what they said, though. They were arguing, I don't think he trusts her. He said he'd get the money to her, but she'd better supply the… the…
DHURI closes her eyes, obviously concentrating

DHURI: The hunter-seekers! That's what he said. She assured him he'd get them as soon as he'd paid what was left.

BADIA: Did Jawa give you the semuta?

DHURI: No. That came later. The Kawthar woman wanted me to have sex with people that paid her. She always kept me tied up, but I still managed to give some of them a bite or a bloody nose DHURI smiles grimly

DHURI: After a while, maybe a week or so, she announced that she'd found a solution. She force-fed me some of the crystals. Straight away, I could feel my grip on my mind slipping away.

DHURI: I stopped caring about water or food. It was as if I wasn't really in my body. I could still see, hear, feel, but it was… like it was happening to someone else, and they were describing the feelings to me.

DHURI: I don't know how long it was before I was rescued.

BADIA: Jawa, from Gara Kulon. He's the one that teaches young people how to ride the great worms?

DHURI: Yes, do you know him, reverend mother?

BADIA: I know which one he is, but I don't know him.

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