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Qâ'im Umayyid

A tall, thin man, Umayyid is a merchant in Arrakeen. He deals in high quality cloth, and much of his trade is with the Harkonnens. Despite this, he doesn't much like them and is willing to help the desert Fremen as long as it doesn't put him or his business in danger.

Age: 52
Height: 5' 9“
Weight: 150 lbs
Gender: Male


Strength 9
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 12
Health 8


Acute Vision 1
Immunity to Disease
Charisma 3
Reputation 2
Wealth: Comfortable


Addiction (Melange)
Social stigma


Area Knowledge (Arrakeen) 13
Diplomacy 12
Language (Chakobsa) 10
Language (Imperial Galach) 13
Merchant 14

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