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Sameera Kawthar (Madam)

Kawthar is a thin, hard-faced city fremen. She runs a high-class escort service that caters mainly to off-planet visitors, and claims to be able to provide off-world escorts, city fremen, or desert fremen, according to the client's wishes.

She lives next door to Liet Kynes' Carthag residence. Liet described her as “an unpleasant individual'. His father believed the escort service was a front, but he didn't know what for. It's said that she has some senior Harkonnens on her client list.

The office has a filing cabinet, desk, abstract art on the walls, and the sort of furniture you'd expect in a home office. There is a safe with a combination lock, embedded in the wall behind a piece of abstract art.

Her brothel is one of several near the space port. Kawthar's is the one that looks well looked after.

WWPHITM: Sarah Parish

House floor plan


Floor plans: downstairs / upstairs


There are several comfy chairs set around the walls.


The office contains a desk with a chair behind and two in front. It is used when Kawthar needs privacy.

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