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This campaign will use QAGS. This section has some notes for using QAGS in a Dune setting.

Sample Words


The “Fremen” job includes the ability to fight, so can be used for combat.

When in combat, a Fremen with the “Fremen Warrior” job may make a second chance roll (see page 20) using the same word.

Damage Modifiers

  • Unarmed (fists, feet): 0
  • Slip-tip: +1
  • Kindjal, Chrysknife: +2
  • Maula pistol, laser pistol: +2
  • Laser rifle: +3

Slip-tips, chrysknives and maula darts are often tipped with poison. Nerve poison, used by the Fremen, has a DN of 13.

Armour Ratings

  • Stillsuit: 1

Personal Shields

If the loser in a combat is wearing a personal shield, the winner makes a simple roll to penetrate the shield. If the winner does not have experience with shield fighting (eg Fremen), then the character has no skill. In this case, they must make a default roll (ie the number is halved, rounding down).


  • First aid: 2 HP
  • Emergency treatment (physician): 3 HP
  • Bed rest: 2 HP per week
  • Physician's care (base or sietch): 3 HP per week
  • Hospital: 4 HP per week


When a character takes damage from a poisoned weapon, they must make a Body roll against a Difficulty Number determined by the poison. If the character succeeds, the poison has no effect. If the character fails the roll, they take damage as if the DN of the poison were a successful attack, and the damage taken becomes the character's Poison Number (PN).

Until/unless an antidote is applied, the character takes damage equal to their PN at the end of each subsequent round (not the round in which they took the poison). If they are still alive, they then make a Body roll against the poison's Difficulty Number. If the roll fails, the character's PN is increased by the amount the roll failed by.

Reverend Mothers

If a Reverend Mother fails the initial Body roll against the poison's DN, she may make a simple roll against her Reverend Mother number. If she succeeds, the poison has no effect.

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