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The Dictionary: A SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF Delivery


This is an adventure for RISUS, using Dan Suptic's SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF setting. You will need to be familiar with both RISUS and SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF to run this game.

The characters are to deliver a dictionary to Andy Griffiths, author of the 13-Storey Treehouse series of books, because in one of the books it is revealed that he tends to mis-spell upon with an M (upom).

As per the standard setup for SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF, don't give your players any clues as to what kind of game they're going to play. Just tell them to create standard characters, from any period, setting, or genre. Don't let them discuss or compare their characters.


Mr Kuri-kana-suro-san hands the characters a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary. He says, “You deliver this to Andy Griffiths. He live in treehouse. Not deliver, get bamboo sword. You go to Transportertron now!”


The characters arrive in a town, just outside a book shop. The book shop is run by a man called Mr Big Nose. He has a large red nose, which gets larger and more red when he gets annoyed. Mr Big Nose is an Angry Book Shop Owner With A Big Red Nose (2)

The treehouse isn't visible from the town, but any of the locals will be able to tell the characters that it is in the wood to the south of the town. The treehouse is huge and well known locally.

Rival Team

When the characters head towards the treehouse, they will encounter a rival delivery team from Delta Two, one of Mr Kuri-kana-suro-san's rivals. They are also on a mission to deliver a dictionary to Andy Griffiths, but theirs has several mis-spellings (including upon mis-spelled as upom). They will try to persuade the characters that they can go home and leave the delivery to them. If they have to, they will fight the characters to stop them making their delivery. The teams are equal in numbers, and each rival team member is a Delivery Agent (3).


When the team get to the treehouse, they will find there is a door at the foot of the tree. It is locked, but there is a speakerphone. They can use this to talk to Terry Denton, a Children's Book Illustrator (5). They will need to persuade him to let them in.

Once they've convinced Terry that they're not going to harm Andy (Terry knows that Andy's spelling isn't very good, so letting him know that they're trying to deliver a dictionary should help), he will tell them that Andy is at a party in Lullaby Land. Luckily, the treehouse has a teleporter that can get them to Lullaby Land.

Lullaby Land

They will arrive to find a Nasty Goblin (3) bullying a Fashion Fairy (4) named Phobe. Once that situation is dealt with, Phobe will be able to tell the characters that Andy is at a birthday party at the red toadstool house. The characters are almost certainly far too large to fit into the tiny fairy house, so Phobe will use her fairy magic to turn them into fairies (each character gets two brevet dice and adds a temporary Fairy (2) cliche) and give them smart party clothes. If the characters think to ask, Phobe will be able to use her fairy magic to provide them with a beautifully wrapped cuddly unicorn as a birthday gift.

Red Toadstool House

Phobe will guide them to the red toadstool house, which has cloud-shaped balloons outside. Andy is there, at a party hosted by Goldie (a Fairy (5)) to celebrate Pearl's birthday. Pearl and most of the guests are Fairy (3). Andy is a Children's Book Author (5).


Andy will be happy to receive the dictionary, and if they thought to ask for a present, Pearl will be very pleased with her gift. In either case, they will be very welcome to stay and enjoy the party if they wish to. If they stay too long, however, Mr Kuri-kana-suro-san will be displeased when they return.

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