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Black Powder Weapons

Although none of these are as effective as modern weapons, they do have the advantage of being cheap and easy to make.

"Northover" Projector

Northover Projector

A home-made version of the Northover Projector issued to British Home Guard units during WWII. It is a simple weapon, consisting of little more than a smoothbore barrel mounted on a tripod or wheeled carriage. A black powder charge is used to fire the projectile, which can be a standard grenade, a black powder bomb, or a “molotov cocktail”.

Weight: 25kg
Magazine: 1 individual
Price: $900 (C/C)

ROF: 1
Range: 40
IFR: 400m

Black Powder Musket

A generic representation of any black-powder musket. Likely to be a museum piece, or possibly have belonged to a private collector. It could even be a modern reproduction.

Ammunition: Loose black powder and ball
Weight: 2.5kg
Magazine: 1 individual
Price: $200 (S/S)

ROF: Single Shot
Damage: 1
Penetration: Nil
Reload: 5
Bulk: 5
Recoil: 2
Range: 16

Black Powder Rocket

A improvised rocket powered by black powder. It can be mounted in multiples on a vehicle, as a low-tech version of the MLRS. Alternatively, a single rocket can be mounted on a simple tripod.

Weight: 15kg
Magazine: 1 individual
Price: $1,500 (C/C) per rocket

Round: HE
Range (IFR): 5km
Damage: C:12, B:36
Penetration: 1C

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