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Supplement: Back to Blighty

For use with Twilight: 2000, 2nd Edition

This is a non-canon supplement to GDW's Going Home module, geared towards British characters. The information presented here is intended to be used in conjunction with that in Going Home, and provides an alternative plot hook.

This supplement uses 2nd edition rules, but should be easily convertible to 1st edition.

Note: “Blighty” is an English slang term for Great Britain, commonly used by expatriates and soldiers.


Oleg Mravinsky, a GRU agent in Denmark has found out that the British are operating a few oil rigs in the North Sea, something that the UK has been working hard to keep secret. He talks to the Danish government, and suggests that Russia and Denmark work together to take over the operational oil rigs, splitting the oil between the two countries. His plan is that the Russians will take over and operate the rigs, and the Danes will refine the oil.

Having secured the Danes' agreement, he sends three copies of a message to GRU headquarters (known as Aquarium) in Moscow. The players will intercept one of these messages. The message has an attached map, showing the co-ordinates of the operational oil rigs.

A PDF of the message is here: Message To Aquarium.

This campaign is intended for characters that are members of the British armed forces, currently in Poland. However, it could probably be used with any characters that are friendly to the United Kingdom.

Adventure Hook

At some point, the PCs get hold of the message being sent to GRU headquarters. Some possibilities:

  • Kamenka Dubrovskiy is killed during an encounter, and the map & message are found on her.
  • After dealing with a gang of marauders, the PCs find the papers, which the marauders had taken after ambushing Dubrovskiy.
  • A merchant may sell the papers to the PCs, possibly with an English translation. If the merchant knows the PCs are British, he will tell them that he has some info likely to be of interest to them and the British government. The Wilfried Fogel NPC can be used for this purpose.
  • The characters may be given the papers as a gift, for helping out a merchant or a settlement.


Kamenka Dubrovskiy

Dubrovskiy volunteered for the Soviet army in 1990, and was selected for training with Spetsnaz. In 1996 she was assigned to the GRU Copenhagen station, ostensibly as a diplomatic worker. She spent much of her time in Copenhagen working with, and bodyguarding, Oleg Mravinsky.

Knowing that Dubrovskiy can be trusted, Mravinsky has assigned her the task of getting some papers back to GRU headquarters in Moscow. On that mission, Dubrovskiy travels in a UAZ-469 with two NPCs (Both Veteran. One has Wheeled Vehicle: 6, Mechanic: 3, other has Medical: 6, Foraging: 3)

Elite NPC

Melee Combat (armed): 7
Melee Combat (unarmed): 7
Thrown Weapon: 7
Charisma: 8
Persuasion: 7
Language (Danish): 8

King of hearts: Honourable, can be trusted.
Four of clubs: Somewhat violent.

Oleg Mravinsky

Oleg Mravinsky was conscripted into the Soviet army, and chosen for Spetsnaz training. He joined the GRU a few years later, and was sent to Denmark in 1990.

Mravinsky has several contacts within the Danish government, including some low-level contacts that supply him with secret information. He wants to be the Copenhagen station leader, and expects his discovery of working UK oil rigs to be a significant step towards that goal.

Experienced NPC

Charisma: 8, Persuasion: 7, Language (Danish): 8

Nine of spades: He wants to be the Copenhagen station leader, and works hard to raise his profile within the GRU.
Three of diamonds: Mravinsky is fairly open to bribery, as long as it will not jeapordise his career within the GRU. He is much more likely to accept a bribe if it is unlikely to be discovered.

Major Aleksei Kulikova

Major Aleksei Kulikova is a KGB agent based in Poland. If he discovers that the players have papers that were destined for GRU headquarters, he will want to get them back, partly because they are obviously important. His main motivation, however, is that it would cause the GRU some considerable embarrassment if the KGB recovered important papers that the GRU had lost, and he may even be able to use them directly against the GRU.

Kulikova has the authority to commandeer Soviet forces if he needs them, and he is more than willing to do so. In fact, he is willing to do anything to achieve his aims. He can be friendly or threatening, as the situation dictates, and can switch from friend to enemy in a heartbeat.

He is intended to be a recurring villain, and so a full character sheet (PDF) is provided: Major Aleksei Kulikova

Queen of spades: Ruthless.
Six of diamonds: Moderately greedy.

Heloise Vérive

Heloise was born in 1950 to a Belgian mother and American father. She married a German, and was living in Poland with him when war broke out. Her husband died during the war, and she has been restoring an old microlight aircraft. Now that it is in working order, she is using it to fly back to her home village of Stromville in Belgium. Having to frequently stop and work for fuel and food, and occasionally effect repairs, means that the journey is taking a long time.

Novice NPC

Pilot (fixed wing): 5
Native language: French
Language (English): 8 (with an American accent)
Language (German): 6
Language (Polish): 4

Wilfried Fogel

Wilfried Fogel was a used-car salesman before the war, until he was drafted into the transport arm of the Bundeswehr. He used the chaos following the first nuclear exchanges in 1997 to desert, and set himself up as a travelling trader.

Novice NPC

Ten of spades: Very ambitious
Four of diamonds: Somewhat greedy

Potential Encounters

Kamenka Dubrovskiy

Dubrovskiy's primary mission is to get to the Aquarium safely, so she will avoid combat where possible. She may still get into fights, however, or the characters may meet her in a city, possibly gathering supplies.

Heloise Vérive

Major Kulikova has given her fuel. In exchange, she is following the characters in her microlight aircraft. He has provided her with a hand-held radio so that she can report to him in real-time. He intends to use her information to set up an ambush.

Since Heloise's route is vaguely similar to that of the characters, they may meet her at any time. Their paths may even cross multiple times.

Wilfried Fogel

As a travelling trader, Fogel could be encountered anywhere. He generally works in towns and cities, but may also be met travelling between them. He may offer to hire the characters as guards.


Kamenka Dubrovskiy's UAZ-469

Kamenka Dubrovskiy travels in a standard UAZ-469. It tows a 1-ton cargo trailer, and has a PK machine gun mounted on the pintle mount.

Price: $8,000 (S/C)
Travel Move: 200/40
Combat Move: 50/10
Fuel Capacity: 60
Fuel Consumption: 20
Fuel Type: G, A
Load: 0.5 tons
Vehicle Weight: 1.6 tons
Crew: 2+3
Maintenance: 2
Night Vision: Headlights

Combat Stats

Armament: PK MG (P)
Stabilisation: None
Ammo: 3 x 50-round belts
Configuration: Standard
Suspension: W: 2
HF: 1
HS: 1
HR: 1

Equipment Carried

3x 20 litre jerrycan
1x Small still
1x Set of wheeled vehicle tools
2x Personal medical kit
3x Shelter half
3x Sleeping bag
1x PK (mounted)
3 x 50-round belts for the PK
2x AKR (one each for Dubrovskiy and the two NPCs)
6 x 30-round box magazines for the AKRs

Heloise Vérive's Microlight

Price: $3,000 (R/-)
Travel Move: 200km
Combat Move: 100m
Fuel Capacity: 40 litres
Fuel Consumption: 40 litres
Fuel Type: G, A
Load: 100kg
Vehicle Weight: 60kg
Crew: 1
Maintenance: 2

No combat stats. Pilot is treated as a mounted target.

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