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Places in Poland (2nd Edition)

This document describes some Polish locations in the world of Twilight:2000. Each one is based on a real place, but they can be relocated to anywhere in Poland, and virtually anywhere in Europe with only minor adjustments.

Two versions are available, one for the first edition of the game, one for the second edition. This version of the document is suitable for games using the second edition of Twilight:2000.


Buk is located in the county of Poznań, west-central Poland. The town's name means “Beech” in Polish, and the flag of the town shows a branch of beech, and three beech leaves. Before the war, it had a population of about 6,000, but this has now been reduced to around 3,500

Government: Popular Council

A reasonably competent, elected council runs Buk. Its members are generally doing what they can to help the town. They have managed to assemble a respectable arsenal for the town's militia.

Attitude: Defensive

Local marauders attack on a semi-regular basis. There are rumours that the marauders are working on getting an old tank working. The militia have guards posted at all times. These guards are rather paranoid, and unwilling to allow armed people into the town without good reason.


Buk is defended by a militia, which has the following strength:

50x NPC with AKMR assault rifle (5 elite, 35 veteran, 10 experienced)
70x NPC with Mauser bolt action rifle (40 experienced, 30 novice)
30x NPC with double-barreled shotgun (10 experienced, 20 novice)
5x Veteran NPC with RPK-74 automatic rifles
1x Elite NPC with SVD sniper rifle

The Anti-Tank Gun

Buk has a 125mm Rapira-3 anti-tank gun and a little 125mm ammunition, in a secret location. The Rapira-3 is obviously broken, however, and no-one in the town knows how to repair it, or how to fire it once it's been repaired. The council is keen to get the gun working again, as it would help in the on-going fight with the marauders, especially if the rumours about a tank are true.

Asessing the fault with the gun is a task (Easy:Heavy Weapons or Average:Mechanic), and will reveal that the elevation and firing mechanisms are jammed due to lack of maintenance. Repairing it is a task (Average: Heavy Weapons or Difficult: Mechanic)


The marauders were originally the remains of a KGB punishment battalion. In 1998, the prisoners rounded on their KGB guards, killed them, and set themselves up as marauders. The core is still made up of ex-prisoners, but they have made up losses from local recruitment, and so they now have various nationalities and backgrounds.


Commander: Cheslav Volodimerov. Elite NPC

The marauders are organised into 10 sections, each with one veteran or experienced NPC in command (AK-74, BG-15), and 5-9 experienced or novice NPCs (AK-74). These sections are transported in one BTR-80 and two 2 1/2 ton trucks.

For support, the marauders have the following:

Two UAZ-469, each with an SPG-9 recoilless rifle (the SPG-9's tripod is welded to the cargo bed). Each UAZ-469 has a Driver (experienced, Wheeled Vehicle: 6) and two crew (Experienced) for the SPG-9.

Two 81mm mortar with two crew (Experienced) per mortar. A single MT-LB and driver (Experienced) carries the mortars, crew and ammunition.

The marauders have two non-functional T-55s, and hope to get one working. They have a limited supply of 100mm ammunition.


Czerwonak is a village in Poznań County, west-central Poland. Before the war, it was the seat of the gmina (administrative district) called Gmina Czerwonak, and had a population of just over 5,000. It now has a population of around 3,000.

Government: Corrupt Council

Czerwonak is ruled by a small council with a charismatic female mayor (Danuta Wyndrowski). The council's top jobs are all held by the mayor's friends and family. Corruption is rife throughout the council, and bribes are an everyday fact of life. The mayor has a team of six bodyguards (Experienced NPCs, each armed with an AKR submachinegun), and the mayor herself carries a P-64 pistol.

The mayor is a novice NPC, but with Leadership: 6 and Charisma: 8.

There is no formal armed force, but roughly one in ten of Czerwonak's inhabitants have managed to acquire some sort of ranged weapon. These are mostly hunting rifles, double-barreled shotguns and pistols, with some muskets.

Most of the inhabitants are reasonably friendly to strangers, though the council are wary of anyone they feel may represent a threat to their position.

Council officials often co-opt council workers to do private work for them instead of doing the work they are supposed to do. This has led to a relatively poor standard of sanitation in the village, which means that there are often outbreaks of disease.


Dębowina is a village in the south-west of Poland. Before the war, it had a population of around 100. Most of the population were killed by disease, and the stronger ones left to try and find somewhere else to live, or to become marauders. Recently, it has become home to a small religious community of around 80 adults and several children of various ages.

Government: Dictator

The village is run by Werther Schenkel, a German and ex-soldier (Experienced NPC). His rule is harsh, but well-intentioned. He does the best he can for his people.

Attitude: Insular

The people of Dębowina believe that the Twilight War was God's judgement on humanity. They want nothing to do with anyone from outside the community, believing that such contact will contaminate them, and could bring down God's wrath.


Anyone old enough to wield a weapon has to do military training, and will be expected to help defend the community in case of attack. The community have shotguns, AK-74 and G3 rifles.


Wisła is located in southern Poland, close to the border with Czechoslovakia. Before the war, it had a population of about 10,000, but this has gone down to 3,111.

Government: Dictator

Wisła is governed by a dictator, Renke Felder.

Renke Felder is a Veteran NPC, who previously served in the German Bundeswehr. He always carries an MP-5 submachine gun, and uses a Land Rover 110 for personal transportation. He has a personal guard of 4 (all Veteran NPCs, each armed with a G3 battle rifle), at least one of whom is on duty and with him at all times.

Felder runs a force euphemistically entitled the “Wisła police force”, and uses this to maintain control over the local population. This force numbers about 100 members, all of whom are armed with a variety of weapons (Novice & Experienced NPCs, armed with various weapons). The force runs a large number of informants, who are rewarded for informing on their neighbours with small parcels of food.

Most of the population of Lüchow would like to be rid of Felder, but will be cautious of armed strangers. They are likely to inform a member of the “police” as soon as possible, hoping to earn a little food for the information.

Kórnik Castle

Kórnik Castle located outside the town of Kórnik in western Poland. It is inhabited by a Nova Direkto enclave. Nova Direkto is an anti-American, European survivalist organisation which was formed to preserve Europe's culture once war erupted, and rebuild Europe once the war was over.

Government: Warlord

The Nova Direkto enclave at Kórnik Castle is organised along military lines, with strict discipline and harsh penalties for anyone that disobeys an order. It is led by Gordon Harris, a Scotsman who served with the Scots Guards in the British army, but left in 1990 to join Nova Direkto. Harris is an Elite NPC.

Organisation and Equipment

The enclave consists of 200 NPCs (70 novice, 80 Experienced, 30 Veteran and 20 Elite). They have:

1x BTR-80 APC
4x Motorcycles
10x UAZ-469 jeeps

180x AK-74 assault rifle
10x RPK machine gun
10x PK machine gun
2x SVD sniper rifle
1x DShK heavy machine gun
12x RPG-16
4x 60/81/82mm Wojo Combo mortar
3x AGS-17 grenade launcher

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